It is’nt about Iran, it’s about China and Russia

Posted: January 29, 2012 in China, geopolitics, Iran, Russia
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Some facts about IranIran has never invaded a country, ever. Iran allows IAEA inspections of all its facilities. In the past, the IAEA and all of the US intel agencies have agreed that Iran does not posses nukes, nor are they in the process of building any. They are signatory to the NPT. The newest documents from the IAEA have not been verified, and are peppered with alot of ifs and maybes.

So why are they a threat?

What reason would the US government and Israel have in declaring war? Well Iran is head of OPEC, they are a sovereign nation not in the grip of the IMF, it’s a country of massive oil wealth, and has alot of influence in the mid-east, the US helped put the Shah in power for just that reason.

Iran also has some pretty BIG friends. The Dragon and the Bear, aka China and Russia.

 Beijing, relies heavily on Iranian oil imports, and Moscow has close commercial ties and built Iran’s only nuclear power plant. This coupled with each countries individual rise on the global stage, as well as cooperation with each other have upset Washington.

 China on the one hand is fast becoming the predominant superpower, with some analysts predicting that China will surpass the US economy as soon as 2016. Russia has and abundance of oil and natural gas, for some months Russian production of crude oil has surpassed Saudi Arabia’s to be the world’s largest oil producer with over 10.3 million barrels daily, nearly one million barrels more.[1] And in terms of known reserves of natural gas Russia is far away the world leader according to industry data.

Whats the endgame?

Between the both of these countries, the once dominant American Empire faces a big challenge. Iran is important because whoever controls Iran controls the flow of up to 40% of the worlds oil wealth, not to mention other energy reserves and mineral wealth, putting an economic stranglehold on China and Russia’s interests.

By controlling Iran, the projection of NATO power into Eurasia can proceed, Russia can be reduced to an impotent backwater or ‘Black Hole’ and China dealt with on stronger political terms.

This is all leading up to another war no one wants, but will be forced to endure, under that always clever line of making the world

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