A message to all war mongers!!!

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Afganistan, Iran, iraq, libya, war, world news
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Seeing as how war with Iran is becoming more and more inevitable, I would like those of you who are suckered in by propaganda, lies, false national pride, those at all the GOP conventions who cheered for war against Iran, not even taking a minute to consider the cost of human life, as well as money our nation DOES NOT HAVE, to take a look at what 10+ years have done to so many. I warn you, these videos are graphic, but if any of you out there were beating the drums for a war we don’t need, Watch these videos over

and  over

and over

and over,

until you get it in your head that this could be you, your family, and how none of this EVER needed to happen.

Peace cannot be this hard to attain





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