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A small group of anti-war activists in Utah hopes that a billboard with the words “Bomb Iran” will get people to stop and think twice about waging a new war.


More people need to do this. Someone wanna go in on a billboard with me?


A report published by the London Sunday Times has revealed that Facebook has been accessing and reading the personal text messages of users of their social networking app.
Unfortunately the report itself is locked behind a pay wall, but the report has been partially summarized by Fox News (let’s just hope it’s more accurate than most of their reporting).

I strongly recommend everyone stop using social networking sites. All they do is mine data that you probably do not want to give up, and they also allow anyone to find out all about you so easily, that any hacker worth their salt can hack you or your love ones.

And folks , let’s be honest. How many of those people you call “friend” really know you? Social websites take the human element out of making friends, making you forget what real social interaction is like. People say you miss out because you are not plugged in to the matrix, all the while not realizing they are missing out on true reality.

The warm glow of a computer monitor and the thrill of getting a new sheep from a “friend” in Farmville cannot compare to the TOUCH of another living being, even the sound of a human voice can do things these sites can’t.

And that is, make you feel human.

Last September, the CIA quietly changed its long-standing policy for how it would process certain records requests by implementing a new fee structure that will essentially discourage the public from trying to get the agency to declassify secret government documents because the costs are too high, open-government advocates have charged.

John Bolton, a notorious proponent of hawkish security policies, is a senior fellow at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Bolton held a number of posts in the George W. Bush administration, including serving briefly as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. A frequent op-ed contributor to the Wall Street Journal and the National Review as well as invited commentator on Fox News, Bolton often equates diplomacy with weakness and indecisiveness, and has suggested Israel should consider attacking Iran with nuclear weapons. AKA WARMONGER!!!!!!!

Lets look at some of John Bolton’s greatest hits:





Understand that I bring this up because Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is talking about making this war loving fool his secretary of State. Which would mean more war, more government spending, more death, destruction, more taxes to fund U.S. hegemony, more of our men and women’s blood spilled to protect our “interests”, more hatred towards our country that could be easily averted, if only we talked out our problems instead of occupying third world countries that in any other situation would not even think of doing us harm.




“A nuclear Iran would be destabilizing,” declare “serious” Middle  East analysts and Western policy makers. This assertion is fundamentally wrong and anti-historical.
Are they living in the world I’m living in? The biggest destabilizing  countries in the Middle East are Israel, the  United States, England, and Saudi Arabia.

TEHRAN – The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has set conditions on the biggest oil firms in Britain and France for buying Iranian crude.

The NIOC managing director said France’s Total and the UK’s Shell and BP will be subject to the conditions if they wish to purchase oil from Iran.

Also see:

In essence ladies and gentelmen,  THIS is what I like to call “Suck It” diplomacy. Iran is basically saying “Stop insulting us with sanctions. We want to sell you oil, but now we have to have you sign an agreement that states you have to buy crude from us for a while, you must pay for that crude, and you can’t get out of the contract”.

I can’t blame them. Business is business.