The true value of money – or why you can’t fart a crashing plane back into the sky

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Economy, Fascism, politics
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Money is broken, and until we admit that, any attempts to fix the economy seem doomed to fail. We’re like passengers on a nosediving plane thinking if we all fart hard enough, we can lift it back into the sky. So should we be storming the cockpit or hunting for parachutes instead? I don’t know: I ran out of metaphor after the fart gag. You’re on your own from hereon in.

What people should realize is that any economy that is based on fiat currency, and relies on people spending more than the previous year, even in a “slump” like the one the WHOLE world is having right now, to keep growing and NOT die is impossible. Can not happen. It matters not how much money your governments print, it will never be enough, so long as there is more debt than money in circulation.

Problem is, that is how the greedy banks want it. Perpetual debt, a never-ending cycle of money that just keeps flowing in. It doesn’t matter if you can barely keep your head above water, that’s not their problem. All they are concerned with is you making payments on time


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