South Carolina Sheriff Adds Round-the-Clock Checkpoints to Growing Police State

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Fascism, police state
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The last time I had the opportunity to write about Kershaw County, it was in regards to Sheriff Jim Matthews and his ridiculous characterization of local activist Jeff Mattox and his group, Kershaw County Patriots, as a potential threat to police. Mattox’s only crime was “Liking” an article on Facebook which subsequently ‘irritated’ the Sheriff (who was obviously watching Mattox’s Facebook page, one might add).
Sheriff Matthews’ alarmism went well beyond name calling, however, when he put his deputies — as well as the County’s city police officers — on high alert for “people who might want to hurt them.” Matthews explained to the local media that he was concerned that “some of these ideas exist here in Kershaw County,” – meaning, that some individuals might think it legitimate to defend themselves against police who are committing violence against them or violating their rights – the subject of the article that Mattox “Liked” on Facebook that so frightened Sheriff Matthews.
I actually LIKE the idea of authorities fearing the public.
 Dont get me wrong, I respect the badge, but only if the badge respects me. We hire them to protect us, and if all they do is abuse their power, we should have a right to stand up to them without fear of physical abuse or incarceration. 

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