Report reveals Facebook spying on smartphone users’ text messages, other privacy breaches

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Internet, police state
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A report published by the London Sunday Times has revealed that Facebook has been accessing and reading the personal text messages of users of their social networking app.
Unfortunately the report itself is locked behind a pay wall, but the report has been partially summarized by Fox News (let’s just hope it’s more accurate than most of their reporting).

I strongly recommend everyone stop using social networking sites. All they do is mine data that you probably do not want to give up, and they also allow anyone to find out all about you so easily, that any hacker worth their salt can hack you or your love ones.

And folks , let’s be honest. How many of those people you call “friend” really know you? Social websites take the human element out of making friends, making you forget what real social interaction is like. People say you miss out because you are not plugged in to the matrix, all the while not realizing they are missing out on true reality.

The warm glow of a computer monitor and the thrill of getting a new sheep from a “friend” in Farmville cannot compare to the TOUCH of another living being, even the sound of a human voice can do things these sites can’t.

And that is, make you feel human.


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