2016: The year of the Independent

Posted: April 9, 2012 in politics
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Have you watched the Hunger Games yet?

If so, can you draw parallels to the political arena?

In the movie, one of the ways contestants survive is by getting sponsors. People donate medicine, food, etc. to their favorite “tributes.” In the same way, if you say what certain wealthy people like to hear, i.e. Palestinians are an invented people, you get millions added to your campaign coffers.

The whole point is, even though in the movie the contestants are fighting for their lives in what is in reality a crude bread and circus, it’s still television. It’s a game for the elite.

In todays political climate, it could be theorized that with super pacs (thanks Citizens United), with all the GOP debates, people cheering for their candidate, booing for others, debates with stupid questions, repeated ad nauseam, till there is one left, is as much the hunger games as the roman gladiator events.

It seems that as of the last decade or so, as long as you can outspend/outsmear your opponent, you can win the highest office of the United States. While no one dies during the run for office, people get picked off one by one. Whether it be through scandals, or because you were “high off your ass on pain-killers,” or you just couldnt get the numbers.

I’m here to tell you now, and I say this with the utmost sincerity,  EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE IN THIS RACE BLOWS!!!!!!! All are shills for Israel, all are shills for Big Business. Ron Paul, yes I agree, would be the best out of everyone, and I still don’t agree with some of the things he discusses. But let’s be honest, he won’t get the nomination. Everyone has decided that Romney is the guy. Yet, nobody likes Romney, he has just been one of the few that have survived so far pretty much intact.

This all leads me to 2016.

Arent you tired of this? We only have two choices, even when a third choice is given, you still only have two choices. Unless you want to be accused of stealing votes away from the one of the two big evils, ala Ralph Nader.

Whoever wins this election year will have a BIG mess to clean up. And I’m willing to bet that no matter who wins, it will all be the same crap. Nothing meaningful will be accomplished, nothing good will benefit mankind.

So when the dust has cleared, and We The People are ready to elect a new President in 2016, (if America is still around then) I believe that every American of voting age will have grown tired of the establishment, and will want a fresh new way of running this country; be it direct democracy or a third-party that can be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Or better yet, none of those things!

At the very least, I want a republic that elects people with common sense, a good heart, and can at least balance their own damn checkbook!

Am I asking too much?

I have a rule I put in place after 2008. I will not vote for anyone unless I agree with a candidate 100%. We are past the time when we can be bombarded with attack ads and they have any effect on us. Like most others we realize that the two main parties are basically the same thing when it comes to big issues such as the economy and foreign affairs.

It’s all a show right now. Just a reality series that will be over soon. Then back to the same ol’ same ol’. Much like the Hunger Games, there can be only one winner.  For right now, it’s whomever the “sponsors” deem the most favorable.


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