Posted: August 7, 2012 in censorship, politics, Russia, world news
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Refusing to place the monument in
Manhattan, or on the scenic Jersey City waterfront (where Goldman Sachs is
Headquartered), US authorities instead dump Putin’s gift in a depressed and
unseen spot in Bayonne, NJ.  (around the corner from a
junkyard!) The media gives the beautiful memorial, dedicated by Putin
himself, a total silent treatment.





  1. Well I mean, would you hang a picture on the wall from the neighbor that you know throws eggs at your house when they can?

    • nakedwayne says:

      I can agree that Putin doesn’t always have American interests in mind, but he doesn’t have to. Only Russia’s interests concern him. That being said, it was a thoughtful gift that showed his country’s support and condolences for what happened on that horrible day. It should be somewhere closer where everyone could see it. Most don’t even realize its there.

      I believe this statue goes beyond politics, and proves that despite our differences in opinion, goodwill can and should be a worldwide phenomenon.

      Thanks for posting a reply

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