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During the Cold War the main geopolitical optic relied upon by policymakers and diplomats was associated with a bipolar structure of hard power. There were supposedly two superpowers with overwhelming military capabilities compared to all other sovereign states, and each controlled an alliance of subordinate states that staked their survival on global crisis management and territorial containment skills of either the United States or the Soviet Union.


“The more warships the US moves [to the region], the more threatened Iran is going to feel and there is more chance of triggering some kind of mistake,” explains Patricia DeGennaro, professor of politics at New York University.

She says the act of sending more warships to the region is a dangerous game of “dare”.



As early as 10-15 years ago it seemed that all the apocalypses-like scenarios of the “digital Pearl Harbor”, depicted by some American researchers, would always be not more than a fantasy. But four years ago Barack Obama named cyber threats (alongside with the problem of nuclear disarmament, the Afghan and Iraqi campaigns) among the key issues of ensuring the US national interests. Obama said that the digital infrastructure must become the US’ main “strategic resource”.

Since then some countries and international organizations have begun to seriously discuss a possibility of “digital Pearl Harbor” or its lighter versions (terrorist attacks, interference of criminal groups into the work of the units of critical infrastructure) in their official documents on security issues. According to estimates of some experts, by the end of 2010 more than 20 countries had been developing their own cyber weapons and some of them (Great Britain) even officially admitted it.

The latest hit piece on Iran came out earlier this week saying since 2005, 13 people associated with the Iranian government were seen and detained for“taking pictures of New York city landmarks.” 

Mitchell Silber, the NYPD’s director of intelligence analysis, told Congress that New York’s international significance as a terror target and its large Jewish population make the city a likely place for Iran and Hezbollah to strike.

So let me get this straight. 13 people, in 7 years, taking photos of New York landmarks. It’s obvious that Iran is planning something big! Six of them were stopped on, gasp! choke! wait for it…………SIGHT SEEING CRUISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you look at the story linked, the second to last paragraph in that article says,

“In January, James Clapper, the top U.S. intelligence official, said some Iranian officials are probably “more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime.”

But my favorite part is the last sentence,

But government officials have said there are no known or specific threats indicating Iranian plans to attack inside the U.S.

So remember people, Iran is “more willing to conduct an attack in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten them.”, but there are also no known threats indicating Iran. will. attack. America.

Be afraid my sheep, be very afraid!

If you didn’t think there could be more reasons to dump the wholly unreliable and laughably insecure electronic voting machines, get ready to be dumbfounded.
“Bender Bending Rodriguez” better known as simply Bender, from the television series Futurama, was elected to the 2010 school board in Washington DC. That’s right; a cartoon character was written in and won by a landslide, thanks to the hard work of hackers from the University of Michigan.