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Refusing to place the monument in
Manhattan, or on the scenic Jersey City waterfront (where Goldman Sachs is
Headquartered), US authorities instead dump Putin’s gift in a depressed and
unseen spot in Bayonne, NJ.  (around the corner from a
junkyard!) The media gives the beautiful memorial, dedicated by Putin
himself, a total silent treatment.







Associated Press= MOSCOW (AP) — Russia on Monday accused the West of effectively trying to use blackmail to secure a new U.N. Security Council resolution that would authorize the use of force in Syria.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s comments came ahead of a meeting with Kofi Annan, the United Nations and Arab League envoy for Syria whose plan for halting the fighting is weakening amid escalating violence.

The council is debating a new resolution on Syria, spurred by the July 20 expiration of the mandate for the U.N. observer force there and the failure of the Annan plan.

by Pepe Escobar
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is running out of rhetorical ammunition in the US’s  Holy War against Syria. Perhaps it’s the strain of launching a NATO war bypassing the UN Security Council. Perhaps it’s the strain of being eaten for breakfast routinely by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
  Hillary has just called on “Western powers” and their Arab stooges – the NATOGCC compound [1] that passes for the “international community” – to “make it clear that Russia and China will pay a price because they are holding up progress” regarding weaponized regime change in Syria.
In non-newspeak, this means, “If you block our new war, there will be payback”.
Why do we give positions of power to such immature, war mongering sociopaths?  – naked wayne

Nabucco – the alleged gas Holy Grail from the Caspian Sea to Europe, 4,000 kilometers from Turkey to Austria – is the perennial Pipelineistan soap opera.

New roles for Russian politicians have been found in a poll, which aimed to explore people’s “subconscious” vision of the country’s prominent figures by matching politicians with their Pinocchio counterparts.


While this article doesnt reveal anything that most people who follow international politics didnt already know, I found it interesting considering the puppet aspect, as most people think that Putin never really left his post as president of Russia.

Vladimir Putin won a resounding victory in Russia’s presidential election on Sunday, exit polls showed, securing a new six-year term in the Kremlin and a mandate to deal with opposition protests after a vote that opponents said was marred by fraud.

Russia’s Gazprom, the world’s biggest energy conglomerate, is reportedly  sending top executives to Israel to discuss a partnership in the country’s  offshore gas fields, a move likely to heighten tension over an energy bonanza in  the eastern Mediterranean.

Ynet, the English-language Web site of Israel’s Yediot Ahronot  mass-circulation Hebrew daily, said a Gazprom team has scheduled meetings with  the consortium that made major strikes in 2009-10 and expects to make more.

This consists of the Noble Energy Inc. of Houston and Israel’s Delek Group  headed by tycoon Yitzhak Tshuva.

The Russians reportedly are interested in a partnership in the Leviathan  field, the biggest gas zone found so far in Israel’s exclusive economic zone. It  contains an estimated 16 trillion cubic feet of gas. The next biggest field is  Tamar, which contains an estimated 8 tcf.

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In the bowels of power in every country right now there is a map with a target painted on the Levant Basin. Look for this area to be warzone soon.